The Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association in collaboration with the Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network would like to invite dental assistants to participate in the final stages of the Building Capacity in Dental Assisting Research (BCDAR) project.
The concluding phase of the BCDAR project will consist of several one-on-one semi-structured telephone interviews with practicing dental assistants. The primary goal of these interviews is cultivate upstream knowledge. That is, to look to dental assistants for expertise in this field and contribute to current discussion in occupational health. As such, interview questions will focus on occupational health concerns in dental assisting and allow for significant discussion on behalf of the participants.
To qualify as a research participant candidates must:
  • Be currently practicing as a licensed dental assistant in Canada, in applicable jurisdictions[1]
  • Be willing to participate in one telephone interview of approximately 20 minutes in length
  • Be willing to have their discussion recorded for transcription purposes
If you are interested in participating in a short telephone interview or would like more information regarding this research please respond via e-mail to with the following information:
  1. Province or territory of practice
  2. Number of years as a practicing dental assistant
If you are selected as a research participant you will be contacted via e-mail to coordinate a telephone interview. 
Please note: Participants’ identities will be kept anonymous and data used in a final report will be coded to ensure anonymity
[1] For dental assistants in Ontario, the interviewee must be a Level 1 dental assistant. In the province of Quebec the interviewee must hold a DEP