My name is Caitlyn Colquhoun and I am a recent dental graduate from Dalhousie University. I have partnered with Outflow, which is a charity in Saint John that runs an emergency men’s shelter in Saint John. Together, we are working towards building an oral health clinic to provide services to those in need. We purchased dental equipment from the dental assistants school in Saint John that closed. We are now in the process of building the dental clinic in the upstairs portion of the shelter. Next Friday, April 28th from 12 until 1:30, we are hosting an open house to raise awareness to what we are trying to accomplish and for people to see the clinic that is being built. We would love if it dental assistants in the area who were interested in getting involved in this initiative would attend our event, or even just contact Joanne Barry to get more information at 649-2775 or e-mail